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Applied Coach-Leader Course 


Every successful organisational leader needs the right skills to influence desirable and sustainable change in people and teams. In recognition of this need, the Applied Coach-Leader course provides a toolbox of precision-tools for organisational leaders, with which they can effectively expand thinking, beliefs, values and purpose, for desired workplace outcomes.

This programme, which provides the precision models and tools to help leaders attain work outcomes, is the missing link in transforming self and others to unlock organisational potentials.  The results manifest in significant improvements in leadership credibility, team cohesiveness, workflow efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

Who Should Attend?  

  • Company Directors
  • Executive leaders
  • Top management staff
  • Senior/Middle Managers
  • Team Leaders/Supervisors
  • Public Service Administrators
  • Talent Managers
  • HR Managers and Practitioners
  • Business owners and managers

Course Highlights

  • The understanding and utilisation of cognitive behavioural and coach-management methodologies for self-leadership, coach-mentoring and change management.
  • Effective coaching structure, process, system, power, style and practice to coach self and others for sustainable development, performance and transformation.
  • Tool, techniques and models to implement and monitor coach-leading and leader-mentor processes, with specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • Utilising the Coach-Leader and Coach-Mentor toolbox, incorporating “Identity Compass”, “Ground Floor Action” and “Higher Levels of Brain Thinking”.
  • Using coaching tools such as “Wheel of Life”, “Wheel of Leadership”, “Personal SWOT”, and “Strength Booster” for conviction, commitment and consistency.
  • Action-learning strategies to manage and alter thinking patterns and mind frames, in applying practical solutions to common workplace challenges, needs and problems.

Course Duration: 3 Days Intensive Training Workshop + Practical Class.

Special Benefits 

  • An unforgettable experience of being coached and challenged to be the coach to individuals and teams that you lead, as you get more out of them.
  • The knowledge and confidence to model as coach and leader the power of self-motivation as you facilitate the process of inspiration for high performance.
  • Opportunity to develop and practice coaching knowledge through guided practical peer coaching and coaching role plays.
  • Post-training support systems. Our relationship does not end with the 3-Day programme. It actually begins with the course.

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