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– The Uniqueness of Coaching

Articles The Uniqueness of Coaching The uniqueness of coaching is that it actually draws from the concepts of all of these other learning and communication systems. The beauty however lies in its value-adding application to each of the processes mentioned above. If you combine coaching with teaching, training, consulting, counselling or mentoring, the resultant effect

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– Coaching is becoming a Necessity. Why?

Articles Coaching is becoming a Necessity. Why? Why Has Coaching Become a Big Deal? Every individual person and business or organisation has the potential to succeed, if provided the right internal and external environment for the unlocking of their potentials. Coaching unlocks such potentials by helping people to find from within themselves the ‘how to

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– Key Issues in Coaching

Articles Key Issues in Coaching Coaching has become an integral part of the human resource function in many businesses, with .people and organisation engaging the services of professional coaches. The goal of coaching interventions in this regard is to facilitate improved performance in specific areas. The coach is therefore able to help align potentials and

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– Who Needs Coaching?

Articles Who Needs Coaching? The Inspiration for Coaching “Everyone needs a coach…with no feedback, no coaching, there’s just no way to improve.” (Bill Gates, Founder Microsoft) It has been suggested that people come to coaches for two main reasons: the first reason is inspiration, while the second reason is desperation. The implication of this view

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– Everyone Needs Coaching

Articles Everyone Needs Coaching It is natural for every one of us to want to be successful at something or be successful in one way or the other. Obviously, it is innate in every individual to seek survival and desire some level of achievement. Although our individual drives, as well as personal convictions, commitment, abilities

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– How Coaches Support Their Coachees

Articles How Coaches Support Their Coachees   Coaches assist the coachee to become more aware, and to come to terms with his/her own magnificence, in order to liberate the untapped dormant potential within. Coaches facilitate the process that enables the client to run live life more effectively and successfully in order to achieve deepest desires

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