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How Exciting is Your Career?

  • Do you have an exciting, engaging, inspiring and rewarding career?
  • Do you have the type of career that gives you joy and keeps you fulfilled?
  • Do you feel that you are just passing time in a job, while you want a career?

Most people desire to have a great career – one that keeps them motivated, energised and eager to continually progress. You too deserve to have a thrilling career, beyond merely working at a “job” for usually poor wages, which most times do not inspire you to be the best that you can be at what you are ‘doing for a living’.

How We Can Help

Planning a most fulfilling career is not only a worthwhile exercise, but an essential process in ensuring your Joy, Achievement and Fulfilment (JAF) at work. This is what helps to design and provide the lifestyle that you desire. Helping you to discover, plan and enjoy the career that bests defines and suits you is the major goal of ICMI’s career coaching intervention.

Specifically, we support you to satisfy the most important needs of a great career. This is by equipping you with practical techniques to adapt, and tools to utilise to empower yourself to find direction and navigate through different (transition) phases.

Our goal and commitment is to inspire, motivate and facilitate the investigation your ideal career, which when identified, activates your success and positions you to succeed in/at what is your “core”. It is all about helping you do what you love, and love what you do, because it is well aligned with your most important professional and life goals.

Outcomes and Benefits
  • Professional guidance and insights on how best to discover, understand and leverage your talents, skills and core competence.
  • Clarity, courage and confidence to turn your ideas to realistic opportunities, as you are supported to explore the best possibilities offered by your abilities.
  • Accelerating your career and professional development plans for compelling competitive advantage.
  • Supporting your best possible career development and trajectory with easily adaptable tools and strategies.
  • Provision of the best opportunities to create practical possibilities and develop realistic processes to design the most exciting work-life balance that you desire.

*Don’t get trapped in a job that you dislike, or that you believe is not aligned with your core values, lifestyle and important life/professional goals.

*Let’s work with you for your most thrilling career opportunities and possibilities. Register today.

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