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Certified Master Coach Programme (CMC)


The Certified Master Coach Training Programme offered by the ICMI is an advanced coaching programme for active and practicing professional coaches, offering the benefit of continuing education. The course provides fresh coaching insights as it exposes the coach to new and current coaching trends, advances, developments, opportunities and possibilities globally. The programme serves as a very useful refresher course for practicing professional coaches who must remain at the top of their game. The professional development and continued support that come with the programme are designed to help you to step up and offer top quality coaching solutions and services to your clients.

Who Should Attend?  

  • Practicing professional coaches that desire to improve their coaching skills and service impact.
  • Coaches that wish to operate with internationally recognised professional coaching certification and accreditation.
  • Professional coaches with intentions to leverage on the opportunities provided by ICMI’s continuing education initiative.

Our Approach

When you register for this course, you are exposed to one-on-one sessions with ICMI’s top master coaches and accredited facilitators who will share specific core coaching interests, developments, opportunities, trends and needs with you. Thereafter, you will continue the one-on-one coaching sessions with the master coach of your choice until completion of the programme.

The coach-training programme, which entails one-on-one sessions, course work and practical exercises, will focus on keeping you at the top of your game as a professional, authentic and ethical coach.

The Programme

Participants must fulfill at least 30 hours of coaching over six months of the training. This will comprise coaching by the course facilitators and coach practice by the coach-in training. Trainees will in addition complete a written exam that will cover the theory and practice of professional coaching. The written exam goes together with a research project on a topic of interest related to team coaching.

Major Benefits

  • You will be accredited as a professional coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) certification. ICF is the leading global organization providing certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.
  • You will benefit from ICMI’s lifetime post-training support services, and be introduced to our various professional networks

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