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Consultancy & Support Services

ICMI conducts researches aimed at enhancing the performance of people, teams, businesses and organisations. Our activities are particularly focused on promoting their growth and development needs. This is in addition to developing and providing practical coaching tools, models, templates and techniques to be used by professional coaches, coaching enthusiasts, consultants, trainers and facilitators.

The goal is to support the users of these tools models, templates and techniques to remain at the top of their game as facilitators of desired change. ICMI also develops and provides useful performance assessment tools and techniques, which can be easily adapted to specific situations. Added to all of these, ICMI offers lifetime support for our clients, trainees, associates, partners and others that wish to benefit from our impact support services.

Our consultancy and support services are particularly programmed to help top managers, leaders and entrepreneurs to create a sustainable and resilient foundation that delivers exponential profits and outstanding performance. Our goal is always to provide leading-edge solutions and services that optimise the effectiveness of people, teams, businesses and organisations, by shifting focus from problems to solutions.

  • Do you desire expert advice and guidance to improve staff engagement, employee attitudes, people performance, work culture and team cohesiveness?
  • Do you want to see and experience more creativity, innovation, personal motivation, trust and interdependence in your organisation?
  • Do you need people with proven problem-solving, strategic planning ability and analytical skills to help you design and implement realistic strategies for growth?
  • Would you love to expand the frontiers of your business through the leveraging of local and global opportunities that your core competence offers?

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