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Corporate Performance Coaching


A very important coaching offering of ICMI is our Corporate Performance Coaching initiative. This programme, which supports organisations to break through limitations, is uniquely designed for organisations with growth potentials, but held back by certain management, leadership or team-related challenges. The programme ensures that such organisations are assisted to move to greater levels of performance through our powerful needs-focused coaching intervention.

Who Needs the Programme?

  • Companies that desire to develop and optimise the leadership capabilities of high-potential performers in the organisation.
  • Organisations that are committed to developing key managers to lead their teams more passionately, more purposely and more effectively.
  • Organisations that need to improve the creativity, commitment and consistency of particularly senior and middle management, in order to boost performance.

Why Corporate Performance Coaching?

  1. While technologies can be changed fairly easily, changing peoples’ thinking, mindsets and behaviours is not that easy. The coaching approach of this programme is a potent, realistic and affordable way to address the challenge.
  2. The corporate performance coaching programme has the potential to create the right platform that offers the much-needed emotional safety, in dealing with the human feelings that either promote or hinder good performance in the workplace.
  3. This specialist coaching intervention is the antidote to the negative effects of poor leadership development choices, which manifest in costly strategic and bottom-line decision making, loss of revenue, lack of competitiveness, high production costs, brand risk etc
  4. Our corporate performance coaching engagement optimises people management, emotional intelligence, team leadership, strategic planning and communication skills. These are the essential values that enhance people and organisational performance.

Our Value Offerings

There is an increasing demand worldwide for leadership and management development, as well as talent succession expertise within the organisational structure. It is all about building and empowering the core talent base that would be able to carry the organisation through critical periods and the important evolutions or adaptations that it may need to undergo, in response to the “VUCA” world.

      • We are positioned to provide the most essential and realistic leadership and team development tools and processes based on our knowledge and expertise.
      • Our engagement promotes emotional ownership, empower people, and ensure that your personnel actually care more about their work.
      • We introduce a coaching structure and system that model the behaviours that best align with organisational culture, while promoting and supporting both personal and organisational success.
      • We are eager to help your key managers and teams to get more things done speedily, by executing “SMART” strategies with the mindset that aligns interpersonal dynamics with responsibility, authority and accountability.

Our Approach and Scope of Activities

      1. Diagnostics & Assessments

Our coaching engagement begins with an evaluation of your specific needs. This is helpful in assessing the extent to which your current practices can be improved by specific coaching intervention and solutions. In this regard, the most relevant and applicable assessment tools and processes are applied. These may for instance include the use of questionnaires and 360-degree feedback tools, among others.

The assessments help to identify, highlight and measure locked-in thinking habits, attitudes, beliefs and values, as well as on-the-job motivations, which directly influence your people and organisational performance.

      1. Coaching Workshop

Typically, we facilitate a 2-Day coaching workshop, in order to present ICMI’s “People, Performance and Productivity Coaching Framework”, and also to provide the right perceptions and context for the coaching engagement.

Furthermore, the coaching workshop presents a practical starting point for coachees to engage dispassionately with a professional coach, who is experienced enough to highlight specific expectations of coachees and management. This in turn helps to lay the foundations for facilitating attitudes that would be most realistic to manage, thereby dealing with expectations, saving time, mitigating risks and reducing frustrations.

      1. One-on-One Coaching Sessions

The one-on-one coaching sessions help to develop important aspects of the performance coaching programme. These include Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), benchmarks, profiling, feedbacks, among others. The outcome(s) of each of the one-one-one coaching session, although determined by the coachee within the scope of the KPI’s, is facilitated to ensure that there is a definite drive towards specific actions.

The number and the frequency of one-on-one coaching sessions are subject to the specific needs, context and realities of the coaching engagement. These, as well as the timing, scheduling, medium and location are discussed and agreed with management. The usual practice is an average of eight (8) coaching sessions spread over a period of 6 to 12 months.

      1. The Coach-in-Leadership Training

The coach-in-leadership training program is a unique feature of our coaching engagement with organisations that have growth potentials and wish to utilise practical coaching and mentoring principles for their rapid and sustainable growth.

The initiative, which is also referred to as our coach-leadership and manager-coach program is aimed at training and supporting the coachees to also become coaches and mentors to other people, especially those who report to them.

      1. Reports

Evaluation reports are provided during the coaching intervention and also at the end. These reports are aimed at presenting a realistic measurement and evaluation of the effectiveness of the coaching process. The reports are therefore based on the evaluation of both the coaches and the coachees.

The final report, which presents the results of the evaluation in the form of a post-intervention report, apart from determining the overall success of the coaching engagement and benefits, would also include realistic recommendations.

Major Outcomes and Deliverables

The general outcomes and deliverables of our coaching engagement include the following:

      • Providing key personnel, especially managers with simple, practical and easily adapted tips, tools and techniques to teach, train, coach and mentor others, in the process of blueprinting and nurturing confident and limitless leadership.
      • Provision of the basis for the creation of “emotional safety”, which makes allowance for, and effectively deals with the expression of diverse human feelings of fear, anxiety, doubt, insecurity, stress and relationships.
      • Opportunity to incorporate a coach-mentoring and coach-leadership methodology into the management style of key leaders and managers, thereby using coaching processes, tools and techniques to set and achieve important goals.
      • Promotion of core principles of coaching such as empathy, challenging, listening and questioning skills, rapport, 360 communications, 360 feedbacks, confidentiality etc in the workplace and among work teams.
      • Improved interpersonal dynamics of teams through better leadership energy creation, trust, goal alignment, re-balance, emotional intelligence, dialogue and feedback loops, to jump-start high-performing teams and impact leaders.
      • Assessment, Branding, Coaching (“ABC”) process of for optimising leadership skills, which are built around on the existing personalities of the key managers and trade-marking unique leadership styles to bridge skills gaps.
      • Culture benchmarking and performance management audits, with continuous testing and refining of processes to ensure the best possible alignment of outcomes with organisational culture and purpose.

Special Benefits

      • A major problem that this programme solves is the identification of what’s missing in the areas of leadership, management and/or operations, in the process of ensuring the perfect alignment of corporate vision, people, teams and culture.
      • The coach-Leadership structure, which this programme introduces equips the attendees of the programme with the tools to lead by inspiration rather than by manipulation, coercion or intimidation.
      • The programme, which is customised for the client provides a good perspective on a manager’s strengths and development needs, thereby revealing the particular leadership skills that must be developed. This saves time, efforts and resources.
      • Our programme offers the greatest benefit of awakening personal dreams, desires and goals of key personnel, through our “Discovery”, “Design” and “Destiny” process, which creates personal awareness of the linkage between personal and organisational purpose.
      • The programmes guarantees sustainable development of strong leadership, through skills level identification, introspections, and assessments, hence the identified gaps can be easily bridged through specific action-learning.

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