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Emotional Intelligence: Personal Mastery & Team Building


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognise and manage your emotions. It is a measure of your understanding of how your emotions affect/influence you and people around you, hence ensuring that you know how best to manage your emotions. The course provides tools for self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management, in facilitating correct attitudes and improved performance.

The course is especially useful for people with a desire to handle stress better and enjoy personal wellbeing, or those that wish to improve decision-making, lead a happier lifestyle, manage more productive work teams, reduced talent loss and increase workplace productivity. This is an essential course for every successful team leader.

Who Should Attend?

  • Organisational Leaders
  • Leaders at all levels
  • Corporate Team Members
  • Work Team Leaders
  • Key Company Managers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Project Managers/Supervisors
  • Continuous Improvement Specialists,
  • Organisational Development Professionals

Course Highlights

  • Understanding and Utilising the Power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Self-awareness; Deepening Mindfulness; Self-Management; Self Appreciation.
  • Relationship Management; Dealing with Others; Focusing and Shifting Skills; Developing Empathy.
  • Empowering Self and Managing Emotions – Recognising and dealing with differing emotions;
  • Building Tenacity, Perseverance and Resilience; Developing Self Confidence, Self-esteem and Self-belief; Rejecting Rejection”; Personal Assertiveness.
  • Personal Mastery – Discovery, Dreams, Desires, Design, Destiny; Identifying and Pursuing your Life Mission and Soul Purpose.
  • Understanding and Utilising the Law of Attraction; Focusing on Your Core and Building Leverages.
  • Developing and Leveraging Personal Conviction, Competence, Commitment and Consistency.
  • Activating Personal Success – The Success Formula, Success Activation Principles, Obstacles and Roadblocks to Success; Johari Window, Model & Exercises;
  • The Enneagram Personality Test; Locus of Control; Bouncing Back from Setbacks; Managing Stress; Goal Setting; Taking Positive Actions.
  • EQ Skills Adaptations – Empowered Versus Victimhood; Living Above or Below the Line; Positive Mindsets and Emotions; Better Communications;
  • Listening Skills; Conflict Management; Giving Feedbacks; Anger Management; Creating and Building Positive Energy; Gratitude and Appreciation; Life balance.
  • EQ Skills and Transformational Leadership – Developing your EQ as a Leader and Manager; Tips to Lead with Emotional Intelligence;
  • Leading with Courage, Confidence, Credibility, Consistency, Compassion, and Care; Building Capacity to Manage Different People and Relationships.
  • EQ and Team Performance – Understanding Team Effectiveness and Major Obstacles to Effective Team Working.
  • Characteristics of High Performance Teams; Compelling Powerful Synergies. Interdependency and Collaboration
  • EQ and Team Values – Understanding and Utilising Individual, Relationship, Organisational and Societal Values;
  • Leadership Currency in Team Performance; Individual and Team Energy Dynamics.
  • Team Performance/Sum of Individual Contributions; Response-Abilities, Authority and Accountability;
  • Managing High Level Interactions; Building Trust Relationships; Setting and Achieving Team Goals.

Course Duration: 3 Days

Special Benefits & Outcomes

  • Benefits of increased experiential knowledge of self and others, in managing expectations and effectively dealing with different scenarios.
  • Provision of tools and techniques to lead effectively, with increased energy and influence.
  • Provision of a practical operational platform for potentially busy individuals and teams to perform and produce better results, despite pressure and strain.
  • Support for leaders and teams to re-establish best possible communication patterns, with better interpersonal relationships amongst team members.
  • Establishment of productive working relationships, especially through increased understanding of peoples’ personalities, behaviours, emotions, and social preferences.
  • Provision of practical tools, tips, techniques and strategies to deal with potential or actual conflicts or team members, in fast tracking desired goal achievement.
  • The offering of templates for successful and sustainable impact leadership, through improved awareness, self-management and relationship management.
  • Improved creativity, energy and passion to break barriers and foster mutual trust, responsibility and accountability.
  • Reversal of tendencies for poor belief systems, trust deficits, communication problems and challenging interpersonal relationships.

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