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Handling Finances Differently

ICMI’s finance and investment coaching philosophy is hinged on the understanding that people can be helped to set, achieve and maximise their long-term financial, investment and wealth creation goals through good guidance and accountability. We are able to do this by combining practical financial education with personal financial coaching.

It is all about learning to handle finances differently, by taking intentional financial planning steps and making holistic wealth creation plans. This is with the mindset of ensuring present financial security and securing future financial independence.

Major Outcomes

We are committed to working with people that desire to be resilient financial investors and are serious about navigating their finances through value creation.

Our commitment in the coaching process is to ensure that you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Understanding how to confidently make important financial decisions that are based on sound financial intelligence.
  • Learning how to set, drive and achieve realistic financial goals, in order to leverage the best possible investment opportunities.
  • Becoming empowered to anticipate, understand and overcome sabotaging financial beliefs, while mastering positive financial disposition and habits.
  • Expanding your thinking and the possibility of creating sustainable wealth and attaining financial independence through the ‘wealthy mindset’.

Special Benefits

  • Improved clarity on how to develop and implement practical financial plans, investment strategies and holistic wealth creation to fit your values and lifestyle.
  • Building capacity to confidently set and achieve budgeting, expenditure, savings and investment goals, which align with your resources, needs and opportunities.
  • Ability to effectively manage financial-related stress and anxiety, especially in tough times, while still meeting your financial goals.
  • Enhanced knowledge on developing strategies and leveraging opportunities to prioritise high-impact financial management and wealth creation habits.

*Get great insights for your journey to financial freedom and holistic wealth

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