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Manager to Coach Programme


Leadership and management responsibilities have changed dramatically in the past few years, and continue to change amidst the rapidly changing local and global business environments. Organisations and businesses that would survive the current challenging times, and thrive despite the changing situations and environments must be prepared to invest in the growth and development of their managers, particularly through coaching. This is because coaching supports these managers to set and achieve important goals, as well as control key decisions and day to day operations more confidently. Coaching also helps them to lead people and teams with conviction, credibility, clarity and care.

That is the main purpose of the Manager to Coach Programme. It is designed to expose organisational managers and team leaders to coaching processes, tools, techniques and practices, which guarantee inspired actions to get the best out of people. The Course demonstrates the fact that effective management of people and corporate teams today demand specialised leadership, coaching and mentoring skills. The Course is focused on enhancing the performance of key management staff, through the adaptation of these skills.

Who Should Attend?
The Manager to Coach Programme is designed for everyone that occupies key management and leadership positions in corporate organisations, and/or has opportunity to exert such influences in such organisations. These include

  • Top Management Cadre
  • Middle Management Staff
  • Line Managers, Team Leaders & Supervisors
  • Talent Managers & Project managers
  • Organisational Development Managers
  • Administrative Officers

Course Outcomes

  • Activation of your personal transformation experience in building capacity to become a more effective team leader, coach, mentor and influencer.
  • Authenticity in personal identity and intentionality regarding beliefs, values, lifestyle, strengths, challenges, vulnerabilities, opportunities and course of action.
  • Exposure to practical coaching tools, techniques and strategies for setting and achieving realistic business, personal, team and success goals.
  • Introduction to powerful behavioural change processes to overcome sabotaging habits, limiting beliefs and potential inhibitors in leading self and others.
  • Increased energy and tenacity, with ‘fierce focus’ on the most productive aspects of your resource management and team leadership assignments.

Course Duration: 3 Days Intensive Training Workshop + Practical Class

Course Highlights

  • Understanding Coaching: The Myths, Reality & Practice
  • Coaching Vs Training Vs Mentoring: The Power of Coaching People & Teams
  • The Effective Leadership Challenge: Changing Leadership Needs & Trends
  • The Ultimate Leadership & Management Challenge – Leading People & Teams Through Tough Times
  • High Performance Coach-Manager – Becoming the Performance Coach: Principles & Practice
  • Leadership Credibility, Capacity, Competence & Connections (4C’s)
  • Revolutionary Workplace Strategies
  • Optimisation of People, Teams, Leadership and Culture – from SLOW to GO!
  • Applied technologies and techniques for powerful “Mind-Grow-Tainment”
  • Effective Utilisation of Appreciative Inquiry and Higher Ground Leadership
  • Practical Coaching Tools & Techniques + Purpose-Practice Exercise
  • Coaching Practice & Peer Coaching Exercise

Special Benefits

  • Confidence to seamlessly exercise leadership power, influence, authority, tact and accountability to empower others and achieve best results.
  • Enhanced skills to become an empowered and influential coach-leader and mentor (not just manager) to team members, direct reports and subordinates.
  • Support for leaders and teams to re-establish best possible communication patterns, with better interpersonal relationships amongst team members.
  • Establishment of productive working relationships through increased understanding of peoples’ personalities, behaviours, emotions and social preferences.
  • Excellent opportunity to develop and implement coaching methodologies to unlock potentials, enhance skills and improve performance in the organisation.

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