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Coach Activator Foundational Course

ou will receive for your participation are mentioned below.  Specifically, at the end of this coach training programme, you will:

  • Possess the know-how of structured coaching processes, steps and outcomes
  • Be more aware of how best to unlock and utilise your potentials as an influencer
  • Possess skills to set and achieve powerful goals, and help others to do same
  • Be sufficiently confident to coach others to improve their performance
  • Be ready to operate successfully as a coach and inspirational leader to others
  • Learn and develop powerful “soft skills” for all-round performance improvement.
  • Be introduced to important coaching models used by professional coaches
  • Understand the requirements and pathway to becoming a professional coach
  • Have the opportunity to learn, set up and practice coaching sessions

*Please contact us for more information and registration for the Coach Activator Foundational Course.


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