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Professional Coach Activator Training


The Coach-Activation Training Programme presented by ICMI is the entry level coach training course for aspiring and budding professional coaches. This practical coach training programme offers the best learning approach in laying a solid foundation for a resourceful and impactful professional coaching career.

The course exposes trainees to the most essential core competencies for an effective coaching practice. It also presents the trainee with time-tested, as well as newly improved coaching tools and models to co-create the coaching relationship, so that the coach can work effectively with different personalities.

Who Should Attend?  

People that wish to become professional coaches as an additional career or capability, as well as those that desire to use specialised coaching processes, tools and techniques to improve their skills and performance. These include the following:

  • Corporate Team Leaders
  • Workplace Supervisors
  • Senior/Line/Middle managers
  • Talent Managers
  • HR Managers and Practitioners
  • Public Service Administrators
  • Business owners and managers

Course Highlights

  • The Domain of Coaching and Change – The “What”, “Why”, “When”, Where”, “Who”, and “How” of Coaching in Relation to Performance and Transformation.
  • Understanding and Applying Principles of Performance Coaching; Development Coaching; and Transformation Coaching.
  • Coaching Engagement, Energy and Resources: Keys to Succeed as a Performance Coach, Coach-Mentor, Coach-Leader and Manager-Coach.
  • The Revolutionary Workplace and High Performance Framework: How to grow your business “Xponentially”.
  • The power of Culture, Clarity, Context and Creativity in People Transformation and Team Development.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – The Principles and Neuro-Semantics of EQ for Team Leaders, Managers and Supervisors.
  • Practical Coach Practice – Role Play Sessions and Peer Coaching Exercises.

Course Duration: 3 Days Intensive Coach-Training Workshop + 12 Weeks of Additional Training, Course Work + Supervised Research Work and Practicals.

Special Benefits

  • Practical strategies, models, tools and resources to establish and operate a successful coaching and mentoring practice.
  • Unique opportunity for self-introspection and capacity-building as a leader and influencer, in overcoming sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs.
  • Enhanced coach-leadership competencies and strengths for coaching success.
  • Continuous post-training coaching and life-long coach-mentoring support – Your lifetime coach development process begins with this workshop.

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