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Coaching Solutions

Coaching Solutions

Coaching remains the most effective process and opportunity for people to discover the full extent of their abilities and unlock their potentials. It is for this reason that coaching has in the past few years become a must-have for people, teams and organisations that desire to achieve important goals and attain greater heights of performance.

ICMI in this regard provides top quality coaching solutions, which are tailored to the needs, situations, opportunities and resources of our clients. The results are manifested in sustainable development and improved performance, as our clients enjoy the benefits of experiencing the most powerful, realistic, and yet affordable coaching engagements.

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Many people are seeking ways to improve their ability to help others to achieve success in diverse areas of their lives. Some of these people have discovered that coaching is a realistic route, and are therefore eager to enroll for well-structured professional coach training. ICMI offers that wonderful opportunity to become a trained and certified coach.

ICMI’s coach-training programmes not only provide you with the much-needed credibility to position as a qualified coach, they also help you to become more accomplished in several ways, as an individual, leader and entrepreneur.

Our major goal as a specialist coach-training organisation is to promote professional coaching excellence, and be recognised as a centre of excellence for professional coaching and mentoring development, particularly in Africa. Furthermore, we are committed to providing post-training and lifetime support services to our trained coaches.

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Corporate Performance Coaching

ICMI’s Corporate Performance Coaching Programme is a powerful personal, leadership and team performance improvement initiative aimed at developing and supporting “limitless leadership” for sustainable corporate transformation. The programme facilitates leadership perceptions, self-awareness, relationships, empowerment, responsibility, authority and accountability across all levels, and is what every high performance organisation (HPO) needs to positively influence true ‘leadershift’.

Over a period of about 12 months on the average, we introduce needs-based growth, development and performance engagements, which are constantly measured, refined and improved to produce extraordinary results and clients’ desired outcomes. The programme comprises personal, team and corporate diagnostics and important assessments. This is in addition to structured group coaching, one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as impact “coach-in-training” and coach-leadership interventions,  

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Mentoring Programmes

Most successful people in virtually all spheres of life have at one time or the other in their career and professional developmental stages required the support and contributions of mentors. Such mentors must also be knowledable, skilled and experienced enough to be able to create sustainable value for the mentees.

ICMI has designed professional mentoring programmes for individuals that wish to become trained as mentors. This is in recognition of the important roles that mentors play in helping people to learn and/or develop faster, in order to achieve outstanding results. You must register for this programme if you wish to become a successful mentor to others. 

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Short Courses & Programmes

ICMI provides and facilitates some very valuable short courses, workshops and important skills development programmes, which enhance specialised skills and improve performance. These courses and programmes, which are usually run over two (2) days, are presented by subject matter specialists and expert facilitators.

The major courses include the popular Coaching and Mentoring MasterClass; Performance Management and Coaching; Leadership and Supervisory Skills Training; Organisation and Change Management Course; and Effective Communication Training. Others are important courses such as Public Speaking Training; Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Teams; The Revolutionary Workplace Programme; and The Manager-to-Coach Course.

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