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  • Are you convinced that your business can perform much better than it is currently performing?
  • Do you sometimes feel that you are working too hard and may be at risk of burning out, while the output from your business remains disappointing?
  • Are you struggling to keep your business on track, fearing that it will collapse if you were to even take a holiday?
  • Do you need to build a business team that you can trust to keep your business running smoothly even when you are not there?
  • Are there factors holding you and your business back, which must be overcome in order to optimise potentials?

The solution to all of the above and related issues impacting business growth, competitiveness, productivity and profitability is strategy coaching.

Our Approach

ICMI’s strategy coaching approach is based on the understanding that the right development and deployment of “Business Intelligence” provides a successful business with the winning edge. Business Intelligence, which embodies three main processes – increased awareness, capacity building and proactive action is what separates profitable, sustainable and competitive businesses from mediocre businesses.

Our strategy coaching is thus concerned with what’s most pressing in your business right now, and how it impacts the future of the business. It is concerned with how you can transform the future by setting up all the right conditions for exponential growth.

Our Process 

  • Our coaching methodology links business vision to the realities within and around the business, linking goals and values to growth potentials and profitability.
  • Our process aligns current business systems, operations and output with business vision and potentials, through business audit and diagnostic analysis. The major focus areas are the following:
    • Corporate vision, values and goals
    • Management and operational structure
    • Business plan analysis – marketing, operation and financial plans
    • Business products/services differentiation
    • Financial picture – past, current and projected
    • Sales and marketing strategies
    • Customer service analysis
    • Consolidation, collaboration and expansion strategies

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Development of comprehensive strategic plan, which improves what is working in the business, while addressing and mitigating against its major defects.
  • Production of strategic development plans to leverage the opportunities that currently exist internally within the business – inherent business uniqueness.
  • Provision of practical strategies and strategic plans based on the areas of Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT).

*It is time to activate real business success and achieve extraordinary results through ICMI’s powerful strategy coaching engagement.

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