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The Business of Coaching


Every professional coach must also learn to operate their coaching business as a proper enterprise that is creating sustainable value and making profits. This 2-Day workshop is designed for people that are either currently operating a coaching business or intend to establish one. The workshop focuses on the key aspects of making the business of professional coaching profitable, sustainable and successful.

Some of the focus areas include business finance and financing, marketing intelligence, research and development, business management tips, client service, business systemisation and autopilot planning, joint venture and collaborations, among others.

Who Should Attend?

  • Practicing professional coaches
  • Aspiring professional coaches
  • People aligned to coaching & coaching-related careers

Course Highlights

  • Success Coaching: The Profession; The Practice & The Business – How to develop and grow a systems-driven coaching business.
  • Utilising Compelling Personal Business Assets – Capacity-Building, Credibility, Credit-Worthiness, Compelling Appeal, The Business Core & Leverages
  • 10 Major Problems that Cripple Businesses
  • Understanding and dealing with Personal/Business Conflicts;
  • Challenges & Problems of Coaching Business Ownership – Financial Risks; The Debt Trap; Product/Service Failure; Environmental Risks; Human Problems; Entrepreneurial seizure; Market Tests & Testing; Team Building
  • Principles of Financial Intelligence and Planning – Personal Finance; Business Finance & Financing Strategies.
  • The Mono-income scourge; Multiple Channels of Income; Debt management; Cash Flow and Capitalisation Strategies; Budgeting & Financial Goals.
  • Market and Marketing Intelligence – Niche Marketing Strategies.
  • The ABC of Sales and Marketing; The Essential Coaching Business Sales Course

Course Duration: 2 Days

Special Benefits & Outcomes

  • Development of critical “Personal Business Foundations”, which are integral to facilitating business purpose, motivations, values and sustainable success.
  • Support to become successful as an entrepreneur and business manager.
  • Provision of easily adaptable tools and techniques to run a thriving coaching business, which is valuable to both the owners and clients.
  • Presentation of business intelligence and autopilot planning basics, for uniqueness, brand profiling, differentiation and improved capital value.
  • Exposure to strategic business planning, involving SWOT analysis, business plans and strategic plan frameworks for profitability and sustainability.
  • Provision of practical tools and techniques for business systemisation, customer service, database management and establishing “life-time” customer profiles.

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