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The Public Speaking Course


ICMI’s Public Speaking Training programme is a valuable course for people that desire to build their confidence and improve their ability to command and engage an audience. The skills and insights provided by this course are what you need to communicate more effectively irrespective of the audience.

Specifically, the course positions you to distinguish yourself through your ability to deliver concise, clear and informative presentations, as you communicate more effectively with people. The practical course enables you to understand and utilise the power of diction, tone, body language and engagement when speaking publicly.

Who Should Attend?

  • Aspiring Public Speakers
  • Potential Public Speakers
  • Corporate Leaders
  • Potential Influencers
  • Team Leaders
  • Public Officers

Course Highlights

  • The critical issues and most essential insights for creating speech content that engages an audience.
  • Practical steps to identify and harness unwanted nervous energy, which must be turned into positive performance fuel.
  • Techniques to develop ‘presence’, demeanor, carriage, gait, voice control, mannerisms, and command etc.
  • Developing skills to use body language, voice and eye contact for effective communication and audience ‘capture’ in public speaking.
  • Strategies and techniques to improve and sustain peak speaking ability and speech command through authenticity, ‘presence’ and audience rapport,
  • Learning to “think on your feet”, by harnessing anxiety and remaining composed when under pressure, in confidently responding to questions in public.
  • Adaptability techniques in using vibrant visuals and core microphone handling techniques.

Course Duration: 2 Days

Major Outcomes & Benefits

  • Learning to make impactful speech delivery with improved confidence and poise.
  • Exposure to practical and constructive exercises, which support you to be more engaging as a speaker
  • Creation of opportunity to test and practice key speaking and presentation techniques.
  • Techniques to effectively master and manage your space, as you improve your delivery impact.
  • Building capacity to effortlessly use your voice as an extremely effective, engaging and persuasive communication tool.
  • Improved ability to convey intended messages in the best way(s) that define your personality – you will find your voice!
  • Enhancing your ability to speak in a manner befitting the person that you are, through the formulation of a personal action plan

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