The Revolutionary Workplace - People Performance Enablement Workshop

1 Day HPO Teams MasterClass by Tony Dovale

Build a Revolutionary Workplace with High Performance People and Teams.

How To Build a REVOLUTIONARY, High-Performance, Organisation (HPO), for Thriving in Tough VUCA Times, with Greater #Adaptagility.

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Take Your Personal Power and Performance to the Next Level!

High Performance Teams Masterclass Highlights & Focus.

  • Why the Revolutionary Workplace is needed now?
  • Why People, Purpose, Planet AND Profits matter?
  • CLEARx High-Performance Teams Proven Framework
  • The 4 Levels of Creating a High Performance Workplace 
  • Build AdaptAgility into your Culture & Consciousness
  • Self Mastery Skills for top Team performance
  • Why you need Growth-Optimised Mindsets.
  • Creating LIMITLESS Leadership 
  • Culture Clarity contributes to Talent Retention
  • Enhancing Staff & Team Engagement and Energy.
  • Appreciative Inquiry Action Approach.
  • Mindset qualities to make staff 7X more valuable.
  • Why Psychological Capital is important to your Teamwork.
  • Execution to Excellence for Exponential Impacts
  • “Gladiator” Accountability Protocol to Ensure Results.
  • Create a Better place to Work for talent Retention.

TRAINING DATE: Date coming soon!
VENUE: Holiday Inn, Rivonia Road, Sandton, South Africa.
INVESTMENT: R2,695.00 (All Inclusive)
Note: Course Fee covers facilitation, workbooks, venue, lunch, tea breaks, and attendance certificate.

Potent, power-packed, 1 day masterclass for people in management, and leadership, positions with the commitment to be better leaders that enable, and energise, optimal people and team performance.

Why You Should Attend?

  • Proven HPO Process based upon 35+ years of research and over R15 Million, in time and money invested.  Learn how to unleash, and harness ,your High Performance Teams Potential into outstanding results, with greater AdaptAgility as the foundation.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives, Leaders, Managers, Supervisors & HR.
  • Everyone involved, or responsible, for the improvement of people, teams, leadership, culture, engagement, impacts, and results.


  • “We almost 4x’d our revenue from R200 Million to around R800 Million with Tony’s REVOLUTIONARY work” – Fin Manager Deon Independent Development Trust
  • “We grew from R30 Million to R50 Million, to R120+ Million revenue, working with Tony” – Allison Lovell  Oxbow/Lovell Packaging
  • “Sales doubled within 90 Days from Tony’s coaching” – G-Clothing
  • “Tony helped grow income from R112k to R996K/month
    in 6 months” BOP Broadcast CEO – Cawe Mahlati

Special Benefits & Outcomes

  • Learn how to create high performance workplaces that thrive. 
  • Optimise People, Teams, Leadership and Culture… performance, mindset, and deliver exponential results.
  • Understand the 6 CLEARx pillars of personal, team, leadership, optimisation that delivers exponential results, & creates a potent positive workplace.
  • Increase psychological capital, develop growth-optimised mindsets, build High Performance team-working, increase trust, communication, and tolerance levels.
  • Create a CLEAR, and collaborative, High-Performance connected, committed, context, climate, and culture.
  • Rethink, your business structures, workflow, HR systems, teamwork, leadership effectiveness, trust, collaboration. 
  • Enhance People Performance Enablement & Engagement.

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