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ICMI: Unlocking Potentials, Facilitating Transformation…

Coaching remains the most effective process and opportunity for people to discover the full extent of their abilities and unlock their potentials. It is for this reason that coaching has in the past few years become a must-have for people, …

Many people are seeking ways to improve their ability to help others to achieve success in diverse areas of their lives. Some of these people have discovered that coaching is a realistic route, and are therefore eager to enroll for well-structured professional coach training.

ICMI provides and facilitates some very valuable short courses, workshops and important skills development programmes, which enhance specialised skills and improve performance. These courses and programmes, which are usually run over two (2) days.


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Success Coaching:
The Power & Potentials

Welcome to ICMI

The International Coaching and Mentoring Institute (“ICMI”) is a provider of top quality coaching, coach-training and mentoring solutions, as well as related skills development and support services. Our goal is to support the production of extraordinary results and activate success, through capacity-building and skill optimisation. ICMI aligns your potentials and capacity with needed resources and opportunities, in order to fast-track your goal attainment.

ICMI was founded in response to the growing need for practical, affordable and easily adaptable ways to enhance the performance of individuals, work teams, corporate organisations and businesses of all sizes in a rapidly changing world. Our approach to this challenge is the introduction of the most cost-effective, “just-in-time” interventions through integrated qualitative coaching and mentoring solutions.

The results of our engagements are clearly manifested in sustainable development, measurable transformation and optimised performance of people, teams and organisations. That is the guaranteed offer of ICMI to our valued clients.


Coaching Solutions


  • Do you need practical leadership tools to effectively manage self and others, as you improve your success rate at getting more out of people?
  • Do you desire the best possible balance of work and personal life as a transformational, influential and effective leader?
  • Do you need to make out more time to do certain things that you really enjoy, but are prevented from doing because you always seem to be “too busy”?
  • Do you sometimes wish that you had an experienced, knowledable and trusted person to talk to about work pressures and related issues?

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“REAL” Leadership

The bedrock of every successful and “High Performance Organisation” (HPO) is the quality of its leadership at every level. As a result, our focus in leadership coaching is on developing conscious leadership mindsets, which produce critical “REAL” (Respect; Energy; Ability; and Lifestyle) leadership behaviour.

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Life is a Journey

In the journey of life, we all need someone that would be there for us – someone that can be trusted to support us, as we make certain crucial moves more confidently. We need someone beside us who believes in our abilities and encourages us to get better. And, we need someone that will work alongside us to help nurture and unleash our potentials, by inspiring us to greater performance. We all need a life coach!


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Leveraging Opportunities

Key collaboration and networks are essential for any business to continue to maintain top level achievement. This is because managing a business is getting more complex and competitive, with entrepreneurs, business owners and managers in dire need of powerful leverages. It is these essential leverages that our business coaching engagement provides at low cost, but with great impact. It’s all about taking your business to the next level of productivity, profitability and sustainability.

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Be Inspired!

  • Are you convinced that your business can perform much better than it is currently performing?
  • Do you sometimes feel that you are working too hard and may be at risk of burning out, while the output from your business remains disappointing?
  • Are you struggling to keep your business on track, fearing that it will collapse if you were to even take a holiday?
  • Do you need to build a business team that you can trust to keep your business running smoothly even where you are not there?
  • Are there factors holding you and your business back, which must be overcome in order to optimise potentials?
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An organisation is only as good as its people…

Every organisation is only as good as its people, and the major difference in performance between two organisations is the level and utilisation of their talents. As a result, we provide team coaching and transformation solutions for organisations that desire more creative and actively engaged personnel as workplace team members.

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Handling Finances Differently

ICMI’s finance and investment coaching philosophy is hinged on the understanding that people can be helped to set, achieve and maximise their long-term financial, investment and wealth creation goals through good guidance and accountability. We are able to do this by combining practical financial education with personal financial coaching.

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How Exciting is Your Career?

  • Do you have an exciting, engaging, inspiring and rewarding career?
  • Do you have the type of career that gives you joy and keeps you fulfilled?
  • Do you feel that you are just passing time in a job, while you want a career?
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