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Special Programmes

Youth LifeShift Programme


ICMI has teamed up with LEAP Foundation NPC, a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) with interests in promoting and supporting youth development and empowerment across Africa. The collaboration involves the facilitation of the Youth LifeShift Programme, a project that utilises the power of coaching to reinforce positive believes, change negative mindsets, build capacity and develop critical skills of youths of Africa.

The Youth LifeShift Programme is a great journey of action-learning for the youths of Africa, equipping them to be sufficiently energised, skilled, focused, and empowered to be globally relevant. The programme, which deals with personal development of participating youths through growth mindset, is also designed to support special skills development, as well as provide youth leadership and financial literacy offerings.

The ultimate goal of the programme is to provide a realistic platform for the youths of Africa to manifest the best versions of themselves through success activation. The programme also seeks to bridge the knowledge gap and relative apathy that currently exists regarding active and sustainable investment in youth coaching and mentoring. 

Major Activities

The Youth LifeShift Programme is comprised of the following four major activities:

  1. One-on-One Coaching Engagements

Participating youths benefit from one-on-one coaching engagements with experienced professional coaches that are trained and skilled to support them to unlock and unleash potentials, in discovering and developing their “Super Selves”.

  1. Online Youth Coaching Network

This is a specially designed free membership online youth coaching and networking platform, like a ‘youth coaching LinkedIn”. It provides learning, educational, social, economic and cultural interactions among members, together with opportunities for positive and stimulating youth engagements.

  1. Youth Coach-Training and Mentoring Programme

The youths that experience coaching are also trained to be coaches to other young people, as well as active advocates of youth coaching and mentoring. The main purpose of this initiative is to further improve the leadership, management, communication and relationship skills of the participating youths.

  1. Group Coaching Engagements

The overriding aim of the group coaching of the YouthLifeShift Programme is to further expose the youths to challenges that compel their creativity in solving problems as a collective and positively manage differing views and differences, for the benefit of all. This is in turn enables them to assess different situations, project the future, and be better informed and to make decisions that to ensure performance improvement.

Major Outcomes and Benefits

  • Facilitation of personal development, self improvement and skill enhancement
  • Provision of realistic support structure to survive and thrive in a changing world.
  • Development of growth-optimised mindset for empowered young minds
  • Capacity to deal more effectively with challenging socio-economic factors.
  • Facilitation of ‘energy triggers’ for critical thinking and better decision-making
  • Creation of a happier, healthier, energised, engaged, and more positive youths
  • Capacity-building to achieve uplifting goals, which align with best values.
  • Empowered personal dreams to link awareness with purpose and world view

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  • Do you wish to contribute to the practical process of reinforcing positive mindsets of youths of Africa, and empower them with transformational skills?

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