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ICMI is co-founded by two well known and widely experienced coaches, namely, Mr Tony Dovale, the CEO of Life Masters, and Dr Emmanuel, the CEO of CEED Group, with combined coaching experience of more than 60 years. The desire of the Co-Founders of ICMI is to share their knowledge, skills, expertise and experience with other coaches and partners in the ICMI Team. This is in order to promote coaching and mentoring as the most potent action-learning processes to enhance the performance of people, teams and organisation.

Mr Tony Dovale and Dr Emmanuel Imevbore, as Co-Founders, promoters and top managers of ICMI provide the necessary guidance and motivation to the ICMI Team, which continues to grow and expand in different countries. The ICMI Team is comprised of highly skilled professional coaches, mentors, trainers, business leaders and consultants from different background, countries and cultures, hence our global outlook.

The abridged profiles of the Co-Founders are presented below.

Tony Dovale

Tony Dovale is the CEO of LifeMasters and author of Swift Success. Widely regarded as South Africa’s Number One Energy Coach, he has invested more than 40 years into researching, testing and developing the most powerful and effective personal, team and leadership optimisation technologies and tools, which create deep shifts and sustainable impact on performance and results.

With mindsets moved from ‘SLOW’ to ‘Go’, Tony Dovale, the ‘soul surgeon’ and specialist at “hacking the human software” helps clients to experience real transformation, exponential growth, sustainability and repeatable profits.

He develops and facilitates leading-edge business and personal transformation tools, strategies, coaching, systems, trainings, workshops and engagements that deliver optimum value for people and organisations. These include Hi-Voltage Leadership, Revolutionary Workplace System, WealthShift, Organisational Culture Shift, Personal Resilience, Neuro Leadership, Personal Mastery Development, Tribal Leadership and Human Performance Technologies (HPT).

His unique Emotionetics process turns energetic issues and stumbling-blocks into stepping-stones, and his Action Advantage Leadership System turns visions and decisions into actions and results. His passion is coaching, facilitating and enabling people and teams to move toward discovering real meaning, value and personal worth in a world of constant upheaval, challenge and change.

Tony Dovale’s personal experience and focus, plus his past ISPI (USA) – International Society for Performance Improvement resources have enabled him to work with teams and leaders from a broad range of establishments. These include a variety of public institutions, government ministries, departments and agencies. He similarly provides life-changing business solutions to several private businesses, including medium to large organisations across Africa, the United Kingdom, USA and Australia.

He is a much sought after leadership and business transformation workshop and conference facilitator, as well as public and keynote speaker. He is a prolific writer and bestselling author. Apart from some of his most notable works like Swift Success and LifeShift Formula Won, some of his works have been published by British Airways (Comair Magazine), Human Capital Review, HR Future Magazine and ASTD (American Society for Training & Development).

Dr Emmanuel Imevbore

Dr Emmanuel Imevbore, the CEO of CEED Group and author of Business Intelligence is a business strategist and executive coach. He has in the past 20 years coached several business executives, corporate leaders, business owners and managers in different countries. As a coach, he supports organisations to discover, and leverage their uniqueness through his powerful “STEP UP” (Strategy, Thought, Energy and Passion) Coaching model.

His coaching expertise is focused on facilitating excellent performance through “Desire”, “Capacity” and “Opportunity” (“DCO”). He currently serves as a key executive coach in the 2-year GCE leadership coaching programme of Transnet Group, one of Africa’s largest logistics, rail, ports and engineering management organisations. He is similarly engaged as an executive and leadership coach across diverse business sectors in several countries, notably Namibia, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Kenya and Ghana, among others.

Dr Emmanuel Imevbore was a university lecturer and researcher for 6 years before resigning his appointment to pursue his entrepreneurship desires, establishing his first company, a management consulting firm in 1994. He has since then been involved with top management activities as company director and board member of several organisations. He has in addition devoted considerable time to training, coaching and mentoring business owners and budding entrepreneurs in major African countries. He is also actively engaged in conference and workshop facilitations, as well as public speaking on such themes as business leadership, workplace transformation and successful entrepreneurship.

Using ‘Business Intelligence’ and other innovative strategies, he provides “SMART” business building tools and techniques, with easily adaptive technologies for sustainability and repeatable profits.  His “Axis of Business Success” strategic planning models have been successfully adapted by companies across different business sectors to develop business systemisation and auto-pilot strategies, in building strong brands in the marketplace.

Apart from writing a weekly column in the BusinessDay (Nigeria) on coaching for more than five years, Dr Emmanuel Imevbore has also authored several business and coaching books. The most notable among his books are: Business Intelligence; Ten Major Problems that Cripple Businesses; Going for Gold; Turning Talents to Treasures; Leadership Influence; and Wealth Creation, among others.