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Revolutionary Workplace Programme


The Revolutionary Workplace Programme is a philosophy, framework and system that helps top managers, leaders and entrepreneurs to create a sustainable and resilient foundation that delivers extraordinary results and exponential impact. The focus of the programme is improved teamwork and increased profits through limitless leadership.

This programme, which helps to deliver the most effective management and leadership to your organisation and business, is typically seven times more valuable than most other processes. It is all about activating and aligning meaning and mindsets with positive action to produce leading-edge solutions. This in turn boosts the effectiveness of the human element, strengthen relationships and shift focus from problems to practical solutions.

Who Should Attend?

  • Organisational Leaders
  • Leaders at all levels
  • Corporate Team Members
  • Work Team Leaders
  • Key Company Managers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Project Managers/Supervisors
  • Continuous Improvement Specialists,
  • Organisational Development Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners/Managers

Course Highlights

  • The Principles, Power and Process of High Performance Organisation (HPO) Team Development.
  • Tools, Strategies and Steps to create a positive, safe space to develop powerful relationships, teamwork, commitment, trust, collaboration and communication.
  • Revolutionary Workplace Optimisation Techniques – Optimisation of People, Teams, Leadership and Company Culture – from SLOW to GO!
  • Creating High Performance Team Leadership & GO Mindsets – Adaptive and customised mindset elevation processes – Creating growth mindsets.
  • Developing better attitudes, trust, relationships, and teamwork, with Resilient, Engaging, Agile and Limitless (REAL) Leadership.
  • Applied technologies and techniques for powerful “Mind-Grow-Tainment” and “Team-Flow-Grow”, which translate into REAL ‘Life-Shifting’,
  • ‘Mind-Shifting’, and ‘Team-Growing’ experiences, with Limitless Leadership Insights.
  • Effective utilisation of Appreciative Inquiry, Higher Ground Leadership, NLP, Timeline-Therapy, Identity-Engineering, and Psychological Capital.
  • Self-Mastery Mindset, CLEARx- High Performance Framework and FUN, for experiential action-learning.
  • Adapting the 8 core aspects of creating a viable, vibrant and growth–oriented business by implementing the best-of-breed solutions for business growth.
  • Improved productivity, increased motivation, reduced conflicts, boosting staff engagement, increased collaboration, encouraging creativity, activating fullest potentials and improved communication.

Course Duration: 2 Days

Special Benefits & Outcomes

  • The opportunity to build your people upon a stronger foundation of personal and corporate trust, openness, awareness, consciousness, choice, better relationships, ‘happiness@work’, self-leadership and personal strengths.
  • Provision of tools to improve resilience, agility, creativity, innovation and conflict-clearing, by activating, aligning and utilising peoples’ greatest potentials.
  • Holistically addresses the four essential High Performance levels: 1. Self; 2. Team; 3.Leadership; and 4. Culture, in ensuring optimal personal and business value, impact, depth and sustainability.
  • Production of 10x greater value in comparison to other typical events, with increased return on investments (ROI), accelerated growth and improved bottom line profits.
  • A life-changing and life-giving experience to individuals and team members, facilitating a change of heart and mindsets, which changes everything!
  • Provision of insightful and engaging activities that demonstrate the truth that “A better ME, and a better YOU, makes a BETTER WE!”
  • Professional facilitation, which creates a reliable platform for powerful Personal Mastery and High Performance Teamwork Culture building experience.
  • Accelerating personal development, ‘Happiness@work’ and High Performance processes for best personal and business impact.
  • Consciously Constructive System, which provides measurable and sustainable results, leading to a Win-Win partnership.
  • Customised solutions to your REAL key business and real world issues, with assurance of best value for investment and longer-term efficacy
  • A smart business decision for you and your organisation… Guaranteed!

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