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– What is Coaching

Articles What is Coaching? There is no adequate definition of coaching, possibly because of its wide-ranging applications, adaptations and various uses. What is not in question is that it is a process, which actively engages two main parties, namely the coach and the coachee (or client) working together to achieve specific goals (or outcomes). With

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– Understanding Coaching

Articles Understanding Coaching Coaching outside the world of sports, especially with regard to lifestyle change, as well as leadership, business and organisational performance is a generally misunderstood and sometimes confusing subject. Part of the confusion stems from the usual comparison of coaching to consulting, mentoring, training, counselling, therapy and others, with which it may have

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– The Purpose of Coaching

Articles The Purpose of Coaching? Generally, the overall purpose of coaching is usually to achieve any or all of the following objectives: The facilitation of professional and/or technical expertise The idea here is that you already have technical knowledge, as well as certain professional skills in your area(s) of core competence. The professional coach understands

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– The Power of Coaching

Articles The Power of Coaching? Coaching always focuses on a measurable outcome. In the coaching process you set up a well-formed outcome or an end result that you can see/hear/feel and measure. The coach then becomes a friend and facilitator that help you to attain that outcome. Coaching has for instance been shown to have

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– Coaching is Going for the Gold

Articles Coaching is Going for the Gold Most successful athletes have coaches that spend quality time with them, mainly to inspire superior performance and continued improvement. In the process, the coach shares the athlete’s passion for success and continues to amplify his or her resolve to achieve set goals. For example, in the preparation for

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– Coaching and Some of its “Relatives”

Articles Coaching and Some of its “Relatives” What Coaching is Not Coaching is not training. Coaches don’t be give instructions to the client. Coaching is not consulting. Coaches don’t give expert advice to a client. Coaching is not therapy. Coaches don’t prescribe remedy for trauma. Coaching is not mentoring. Coaches are not superior to the

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