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Coaching is Going for the Gold

Most successful athletes have coaches that spend quality time with them, mainly to inspire superior performance and continued improvement. In the process, the coach shares the athlete’s passion for success and continues to amplify his or her resolve to achieve set goals.

For example, in the preparation for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Michael Phelps was swimming almost 70 kilometers per week. But, he was not doing it alone. His coach was beside him all the time challenging, encouraging and motivating him. They had one shared goal – winning the gold!

That is why we often declare that coaching is “going for the gold”, just as the best athletes in the Olympic Games reach for nothing less than the gold. It is not dignifying to enter for a race and ‘hope’ to win by the miracle of the better athlete tripping, or being disqualified. That is a loser’s mentality.

It is also not enough to enter the race just to register a presence. If you are not running to win, coaching says “quit the race”. In coaching, going for gold demands that you develop higher-level skills for attainment of the ultimate heights of self-awareness and self-motivation.

Going for the gold through coaching means personal empowerment and capacity building to optimise and actualise potentials. It means seeking to be excellent in a particular area, context, career, field, endeavour and aspiration.

It is a known fact that in life you need talents, networks and be smart to stand out from the crowd.  You also need the endurance to fight and run the race to the finish line. And at certain times of your life, you are blessed to meet people that are eager to help you to achieve special goals in life. A great coach is one of such people.

The coach is there to inspire you to reach for the gold. So, if you have a goal to achieve and the desire to be the best in what you do, simply go for the ultimate prize – go for the gold. And, as you do that, get a coach to work alongside you.

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Welcome to the world of coaching and success activation!