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The Uniqueness of Coaching

The uniqueness of coaching is that it actually draws from the concepts of all of these other learning and communication systems. The beauty however lies in its value-adding application to each of the processes mentioned above.

If you combine coaching with teaching, training, consulting, counselling or mentoring, the resultant effect is always one of enhanced performance. This is because coaching reaches to the core of a person’s personal values, motivations and belief systems. And, in so doing, coaching stimulates the person’s personal genius.

    • Coaching differs from teaching and training because it does not teach or give instructions to you.
    • Coaching differs from consulting and counselling because it does not place the coach in the position of an expert giving an advice to you.
    • Coaching differs from therapy because it is based on the knowledge that nothing in you is broken, so nothing needs fixing.
    • Coaching, although like mentoring is a mutual collaboration between two parties, differs from mentoring because there is no superior partner.


The beauty and uniqueness of coaching is that it adds value to each of the above.