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– Types of Coaching

Articles The Most Common Types of Coaching Life or Personal Coaching The focus of Life or Personal Coaching is on the individual personal that is being coached. This is with the goal of enabling the individual to achieve one or more specific personal outcomes, which are essential for the individual to enjoy the journey of

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– Can You Become a Coach?

Articles Can You Become a Coach? How to Start Coaching Yourself and Others Spend time to know people beyond the exterior and what they show forth as being their true selves. Explore and appreciate the uniqueness of people, as you seek out and magnify their better qualities, rather than condemn and judge them solely on

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– AVELA: The Power of Self Motivation and Inspiration

Articles AVELA: The Power of Self Motivation and Inspiration AVELA stands for: Awareness; Value; Energy; Lifestyle; Ability. Awareness What do you want to achieve? What do you know about what you desire to achieve? What does this mean to you? Why do you need to achieve the goal? What are the factors (internally and externally)

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– Questionnaires & Questions

Articles Questionnaires & Questions General Questions: What are the top 3 goals you are striving to achieve in your life and career right now? What major stressors and challenges are you struggling with right now? When you feel like your most successful and happy self, what makes you feel that way? What would your dream

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