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Managing a business is getting more complex and competitive due to rapidly changing global and local business operating environments, as well as changing market situations and increasing exposure to multiple choices, among others. Now, more than ever before, entrepreneurs and business owners are realising that going it all alone is no longer an option. The better option in this regard is to enjoy the benefits of business coaching through strategic intervention of an experienced business coach.

Business coaching specifically facilitates improved business performance and promotes increased productivity, profitability and sustainability. This is through coaching processes that involve the introduction and adaptation of practical business building tips, tools and techniques.

Our Value Offerings

ICMI’s business coaching engagement provides you with time-tested business building solutions backed by the professional support of experienced business coaches with expertise in structuring, building and managing businesses successfully.

How We Help Transform Your Business

Whether your business is performing well or struggling, our approach is to concentrate on unveiling “hidden wealth” within the business. This is by targeting your business uniqueness and core value offerings. The goal is to help build and leverage the competitive and comparative advantage of your business.

This is done through the perfect alignment of identified business potentials and competencies with desirable goals, vision, market opportunities and available resources. There is no better way to ensure business sustainability and repeatable profits. That is what ICMI’s business coaching engagement guarantees.

The usual focus areas in our business coaching engagement are the following:

  • Alignment of corporate vision, values and goals with opportunities
  • Products/service branding strategies for market differentiation
  • Market and marketing intelligence, leveraging your market opportunities
  • Segmented database techniques in profiling Ideal and life-time client
  • Effective sales strategies and customer service processes
  • Enhanced management and operational structure
  • Specialised leadership/personnel skills training
  • Effective business finance, financing and financial planning
  • Consolidation, collaboration, investments and expansion strategies
  • Business plan analysis – marketing, operation and financial plans

Major Outcomes and Benefits

  • Provision of searchlight from an outside vantage point on key aspects of the business through essential diagnostic and needs-analysis processes.
  • Adaptation of tailor-made business building tools and techniques, to improve productivity, amplify profits and enhance sustainability.
  • Development of practical growth action strategies to leverage specific market opportunities for significant return on investment (ROI).
  • Development of comprehensive strategic plan, which improves what is working in the business, while addressing and mitigating against its major defects.

Let’s work with you to activate your business success and facilitate extraordinary results.

Contact us now for business coaching solutions that are tailor-made for you. 

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