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Coach Activator Foundational Course

The Coach Activator Foundational Course is an introductory coach training programme, which also serves as precursor to the Professional Coach Activator Training Programme. This foundational course exposes you to the power and potential of coaching, in unlocking and unleashing your personal potentials, as well as those of other people that you may have the opportunity to lead, influence or impact. 


The course, which optimises leadership, management, communication and relationship skills among others, particularly facilitates your ability to coach others. In this regard, it provides you with practical tips, tools and techniques to support and guide others to set and achieve goals, as well as to produce excellent results.


Key Focus Areas

  • Introduction to Coaching Processes, Practice, Types and Styles

  • Linkage of Coaching, Personal Mastery, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

  • Understanding the Principles, Values and Ethics of Professional Coaching

  • Adapting Coaching to Personal Growth, Leadership and Managing People

  • Strategies for Effective Goal Setting and Fast-Tracking Goal Achievement

  • Provision of Practical Coaching Models, Tips, Tools and Techniques

  • Learning and Adapting Coach Training Practical Exercises 


Who Should Attend? 

The programme is useful for everyone that desires to inspire people to be more productive and effective. The course is especially designed for individuals who want to invest in self development and improve personal mastery, using practical coaching tools and techniques. Importantly, the programme is a necessary prerequisite for people that wish to become certified professional coaches under the ICMI Coach Training programme. 


Major Course Outcomes and Benefits

The major outcomes of this introductory coach training programme, as well as the specific benefits that you will receive for your participation are mentioned below.  Specifically, at the end of this coach training programme, you will:

  • Possess the know-how of structured coaching processes, steps and outcomes 

  • Be more aware of how best to unlock and utilise your potentials as an influencer

  • Possess skills to set and achieve powerful goals, and help others to do same

  • Be sufficiently confident to coach others to improve their performance

  • Be ready to operate successfully as a coach and inspirational leader to others

  • Learn and develop powerful “soft skills” for all-round performance improvement.

  • Be introduced to important coaching models used by professional coaches  

  • Understand the requirements and pathway to becoming a professional coach

  • Have the opportunity to learn, set up and practice coaching sessions

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