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Coaching remains the most effective process and opportunity for people to discover the full extent of their abilities and unlock their potentials. It is for this reason that coaching has in the past few years become a must-have for people, teams and organisations that desire to achieve important goals and attain greater heights of performance.

ICMI in this regard provides top quality coaching solutions, which are tailored to the needs, situations, opportunities and resources of our clients. The results are manifested in sustainable development and improved performance, as our clients enjoy the benefits of experiencing the most powerful, realistic, and yet affordable coaching engagements.

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Many people are seeking ways to improve their ability to help others to achieve success in diverse areas of their lives. Some of these people have discovered that coaching is a realistic route, and are therefore eager to enroll for well-structured professional coach training. ICMI offers that wonderful opportunity to become a trained and certified coach.

ICMI’s coach-training programmes not only provide you with the much-needed credibility to position as a qualified coach, they also help you to become more accomplished in several ways, as an individual, leader and entrepreneur.

Our major goal as a specialist coach-training organisation is to promote professional coaching excellence, and be recognised as a centre of excellence for professional coaching and mentoring development, particularly in Africa. Furthermore, we are committed to providing post-training and lifetime support services to our trained coaches.

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Why You & I Need a Coach

Your ICMI Coach is:                                         

  • An Accountable Partner
  • A Trusted & Loyal Supporter                 
  • A Professional Helper                        

Our Commitment:

  • Utmost Professionalism
  • Personalised Solutions – Just for You!
  • Life-Support Service

Your Guaranteed Benefits

  • Enhanced All-round Performance
  • Increased Capacity & Confidence
  • Improved & Optimised Skills

We Will:

  • Focus on Your Goals & Purpose
  • Promote & Reinforce Positive Beliefs
  • Elicit Positive Change
  • Challenge Negative Beliefs

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