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“REAL” Leadership

The bedrock of every successful and “High Performance Organisation” (HPO) is the quality of its leadership at every level. As a result, our focus in leadership coaching is on developing conscious leadership mindsets, which produce criticalREAL” (Respect; Energy; Ability; and Lifestyle) leadership behaviour.

Our Approach

We target positive mindset shifts in critical leadership cadres such as senior managers, line managers, middle managers, supervisors and team leaders. The aim is to improve their level of “response-ability” and accountability as trusted influencers.

Our approach adopts a combination of leadership coaching workshop facilitation and one-on-one coaching engagements, aimed at bridging knowledge gaps and building capacity in eight (8) core areas of corporate management.

The eight focus areas are: Confidence, Conflict Management, Courage, Communication, Consistency, Credibility, Collaboration, and Care/Compassion.

The end goal of our leadership coaching intervention remains transformed organisational productivity through improved behaviour, attitudes, mindsets and learning capacity of key corporate managers and leaders in particular.

Who Can Benefit from the Programme?

  • Senior Managers
  • Team Leaders/Supervisors
  • Line/Middle/Lower Managers
  • Talent Managers/HR Practitioners
  • Public Service Managers

Specific Benefits

The guaranteed benefits of ICMI’s leadership coaching intervention are summarised as follows:

  • The unlocking and unleashing of coachees’ latent leadership potentials and resource management abilities.
  • Increased confidence and assured personal empowerment to lead change, challenge attitudes and solve problems creatively.
  • Skills to become impact coach-leaders and mentors (not just managers) to team members, direct reports and subordinates.
  • Improved personal attitudes and trust levels, which typically manifest in increased open-mindedness and eagerness for continued action-learning.

*Do you desire truly empowered leadership in your organisation? Let’s help you to fulfill your desire.

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