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Life is a Journey

In the journey of life, we all need someone that would be there for us – someone that can be trusted to support us, as we make certain crucial moves more confidently. We need someone beside us who believes in our abilities and encourages us to get better. And, we need someone that will work alongside us to help nurture and unleash our potentials, by inspiring us to greater performance. We all need a life coach!

You Need a Life Coach

We believe that everyone that is sufficiently inspired to attain higher levels of achievement can succeed, if provided with the right opportunities for self-expression. As a result, our approach in life coaching is to help you to focus your attention and energy on leveraging your inner-core strength to attain new levels of achievements.

Our 4-Step action

ICMI’s 4-Step action (4D’s), which is tailor-made for you to achieve your desired goals through life coaching, is comprised of the following four processes:

  1. Discovery: Increased self-awareness; Personal abilities; Potentials; Possibilities
  2. Dream/Desire: Imagine the ideal; Goal-setting; Personal energy; Inspiration
  3. Design/Development: Strategic plans; Capacity-building; Personal commitment
  4. Destiny/Delivery: Sustained action; Improvements; Consistency; Re-discovery

Major Benefits

The benefits that ICMI’s life coaching engagement provides to you include the following:

  • The opportunity created by a solution-oriented process to further unravel your latent talents and enhance your personal skills.
  • Increased self-awareness to improve your attitude and behaviour regarding specific abilities and potentials in building capacity to leverage opportunities.
  • Support to set the benchmark for new levels of personal expertise through the bridging of knowledge, skills and resource gaps for superior performance.
  • Opportunity to awaken and affirm positive beliefs, which in turn help to create realistic life balance, as you learn to deal with, and overcome every limitation.

*Our one-on-one life coaching engagement offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a truly life-transforming experience.

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