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ICMI’s Mentoring Programmes  

Most successful people in virtually all spheres of life have at one time or the other in their career and professional developmental stages required the support and contributions of mentors. Expectedly, such mentors must be knowledable, skilled and experienced enough to be able to create sustainable value for their mentees.

While the many benefits of mentoring, especially in organisations appear obvious, setting up, operating and managing a well-structured mentoring programme is not usually as easy as it appears. This challenge accounts for some of the failures and frustrations that are experienced in several mentoring programmes.

ICMI is positioned to help people, teams and organisations to overcome these challenges through our customised. mentoring programmes, which are holistically integrated into professional and corporate life. The mentoring engagement and intervention in this regard focus on creating consciously constructive situations, which best support people, purpose, productivity and profits. The end goal is always to unlock potentials and facilitate performance improvement in essential areas of need.

The greatest benefits and value derived from our mentoring programme relate to the assurance of success through the provision of easily adaptable tools and techniques to develop, amplify and sustain the 4C’s that are essential for every successful mentorship partnership. The 4C’s that we focus on are:

  1. Conviction – Mutual conviction by both the mentor and the mentee on the need, scope, outcomes and value of the mentoring partnership.
  1. Confidence – Both parties have confidence in their respective ability and capacity to successfully engage one another and achieve the desired results.
  1. Commitment – People would generally be committed to anything that they are benefiting from. As a result, the benefits of both parties are actively promoted.
  1. Consistency – Real progress and true success can only be achieved through consistency in communication, behaviour, trust, and relationship.

Our mentoring programme, which supports the elevation of the mentee’s competence, in alignment with his or her fullest potential, is most suited for organisational leaders, managers and supervisors. The programme is what these mentors need in order to invest in, and work with “response-able” and accountable people in a successful mentorship engagement. The goal is to ensure sustainable impact and achieve outstanding results.

In addition, ICMI is also well positioned to introduce sustainable internal mentoring systems into organisational structures. This is in order to assist team leaders, managers and supervisors to get more out of their people through true personnel empowerment, improved workplace engagement and enhanced performance.

Please contact us for support in ensuring your successful mentoring engagements.

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