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Performance Management & Coaching


ICMI’s Performance Management & Coaching Course provides tools and techniques for setting, monitoring and amplifying performance standards in the workplace. This course is essential for all organisations that wish to attain and maintain top staff performance. The easily adaptable coaching tools it provides further promote superior performance.

The course specifically facilitates measurable appraisals, improvements, efficiency, effectiveness and consistency in managerial performance. It also presents the most realistic approach to integrate a practical performance management system within the overall management of the organisation, for best results.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executive Managers,
  • Line/Middle Managers
  • Team Leaders/Supervisors
  • Talent Managers
  • HR Practitioners
  • Company Administrators
  • Public Administrators

Course Highlights

  • Understanding the concept, purpose, principles, process, planning, culture and utilisation of an effective Performance Management (PM).
  • Development of Effective Performance Management and Monitoring Systems.
  • Dealing with Performance Management Problems; Change Management; Stakeholder Management; Measurement & Appraisals etc.
  • Strategies and key elements for a beneficial Performance Management system and culture, compliant with labour laws and global standards.
  • Performance Management Process Design; Key Performance Areas (KPAs); Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Setting Performance Goals and Standards; Tips, Tools and Techniques for Measurement, Review and Improvement of Personnel Performance.
  • The Feedback Systems – Developing strategies for providing, receiving and managing effective feedbacks
  • Plans, processes and systems for employee compensation, rewards, sanctions & discipline; conflict management.
  • Developing, managing and leading High Performance Teams (HPT) in a High Performance Organisation (HPO); High performing Mindsets.

Course Duration: 2 Days

Special Benefits & Outcomes

  • Tools and strategies to plan, design and implement effective and efficient corporate performance standards, which best align with corporate values.
  • Facilitation of an accurate staff performance monitoring system, which is selected in line with organisation’s policies, procedures, resources and opportunities.
  • Development of effective communication systems, information gathering process, review mechanisms, together with efficient feedback systems.
  • Solutions for bridging performance gaps, alongside procedures and processes of coaching, mentoring and counselling to improve performance.

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