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Professional Coach Activator Training Programme


The Coach Activator Training Programme presented by ICMI is the Organisation’s premier coach training course for people who want to become certified professional coaches, either as a main or additional career. This practical coach training programme offers the best learning approach in laying a solid foundation for a resourceful and impactful professional coaching career.

Among others, the course exposes you to the most essential core competencies for an effective and successful professional coaching practice. It also presents you with time-tested, as well as newly improved coaching tools and models to co-create the coaching relationship, in order to work effectively with different personalities.  

Who Should Attend?  

The programme is designed mainly for individuals that wish to become certified to operate as professional coaches.


  1. Personal Mastery Assessment
  2. Personal Coach Experience: One-on-One Engagement
  3. Coach Activator Foundational Course or Comparable Programme

The 3-Layer Package

The Professional Coach Activator Training Programme package is comprised of three important and essential coach training components, which are listed below.

  1. Facilitated coursework covering a specified period of study and activity
  2. Supervised professional coaching practice involving essential role plays
  3. Supervised research work involving presentation of coaching-related project

The Course Module Outline

Module 1: The Domain of Coaching and Change

Module 2: Developing Personal Coaching Skills

Module 3: Professional Coaching Core Competences

Module 4: Professional Coaching Values and Ethics

Module 5: Coaching Modalities and Types

Module 6: Coaching Conversations and Relationship-Building

Module 7: Essential Professional Coaching Skills

Module 8: Coaching Process and Practice Guidelines

Module 9: The Next-Level Coaching – Coaching Tools, Models and Techniques

Module 10: Pathway to Effective and Successful Coaching

Coach Training Programme Review and Tests

ICF-Compliant Practical Coaching Programmes, Coach Supervision etc.

Major Course Outcomes and Benefits

  • Exposure to practical strategies, models, tools and resources to establish and operate a successful professional coaching and mentoring practice.
  • Unique opportunity for capacity-building as a leader and influencer, through enhanced coach-leadership competencies and optimised coaching skills.
  • Post-training and lifetime coach-mentoring support services. Your personal growth and professional development as a coach begins with this programme.
  • Acquisition of the international professional coaching gold standard certification – the International Coach Federation (ICF)

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