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Why Choose ICMI?

Why Choose ICMI?

  1. Top Quality Coaching Solutions for People, Teams & Organisations

 Our “single-client” mindset guarantees top quality personalised and customised solutions, which are tailor-made just for you and relevant to your special needs.

  1. Coaching Solutions Provided by Experienced Practioners

We coach, train and facilitate from past and current experience, thereby ensuring that you receive REAL value from reputable and experienced professional coaches.

  1. ICMI is the Home for High Performance Coaches

Professional coaches need a reliable and caring community and network, which facilitate their continued growth and development. ICMI provides a home for coaches.


  1. Lifetime Post-Training Support

At ICMI, we provide you with lifetime post-training mentoring and diverse support services to help grow your coaching business and build credibility in the market.

  1. Peer Coaching Opportunity

The smartest coaches have their own coaches. Our professional coaching networks offer continuing learning, keeping you at the top of your game.

Choosing ICMI…A smart business decision for you… Guaranteed!

Contact us now and enjoy a truly life-changing experience, as you move to higher levels of performance and achievement. Click here…Link to Contact Us Form.