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How Coaches Support Their Coachees

  • Coaches assist the coachee to become more aware, and to come to terms with his/her own magnificence, in order to liberate the untapped dormant potential within.
  • Coaches facilitate the process that enables the client to run live life more effectively and successfully in order to achieve deepest desires and attain specific goal(s).
  • Coaches work alongside the client to help him/her to design and execute his/her own solutions to specific needs, problems and challenges.
  • Coaches establish a relationship whose sole focus is on what the client wants, with the responsibility and accountability to achieve the outcome resting with the client.
  • Coaches continue to establish great networks with other coaches, as we build a powerful community of coaches, mentors and leaders.


Essential Clarifying Points on Coaching

  • Coaching is a professional, collaborative and outcomes-driven process.
  • Coaching develops people through increased awareness and committed action.
  • The end game of coaching is improved performance and desired results.
  • Coaching helps people to set and achieve realistic their desired ‘SMART’ goals.
  • Coaching aligns potentials and abilities with desirable goals and opportunities.
  • Successful coaching facilitates your Desires, Capacity and Opportunities (DCO).
  • Coaching facilitates graduation from “Thoughts” to “Action”, or “Mind” to “Muscle”.
  • Coaching supports you to turn your strength to excellence, while at the same time supporting you to mitigate areas of discernible weaknesses.
  • Coaching proves that individuals have the answers to their own problems within them, only needing the coach to help facilitate the process of access.
  • The coaching focus and agenda are never set by the coach, but by the coachee, with the coach acting as facilitator of the process toward success.
  • Coaching never leaves you the way you are, except you are ‘uncoachable’
  • The person that is ‘uncoachable’ deliberately refuses to set realistic goals, take responsibilities for achieving goals, or make efforts toward desirable change.

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