The ICMI Team

The ICMI team is comprised of highly skilled professional coaches, mentors, trainers, business leaders and consultants, with combined hands-on experience of more than 120 years. The coming together of these experienced professionals brings a unique offering to the world of coaching, mentoring, facilitation and consulting.

Through the diverse and complementary strengths, talents, education, skills and experience of our team members, we are able to provide the best on-time solutions. And, the fact that all the team members of ICMI are also successful business owners and managers is of great value to our clients who stand to greatly benefit from the business, leadership and management expertise of our core team members.

The ICMI team has been put together mainly to help our valued clients rise to their highest potential, through the provision of practical coaching and mentoring solutions, and the facilitation of impact training programmes. Our team goal is to provide continued support to our clients in essential areas of need.

The ICMI team is ably led by Tony Dovale and Dr Emmanuel Imevbore, who as co-founders, promoters and top managers of ICMI provide the necessary guidance and motivation to the team.

Management Team

Tony Dovale

Head, Programme & Systems Development

Tony Dovale is the CEO of LifeMasters and author of Swift Success. Widely regarded as South Africa’s Number One Energy Coach, he has invested more than 40 years into researching, testing and developing powerful coaching solutions. These include effective personal, team and leadership optimisation technologies and tools, which create deep shifts and sustainable impact on performance and results. Among his processes are Hi-Voltage Leadership, Revolutionary Workplace System, WealthShift, Organisational Culture Shift, Personal Resilience, Neuro Leadership, Personal Mastery Development, Tribal Leadership and Human Performance Technologies (HPT). With mindsets moved from ‘SLOW’ to ‘Go’, Tony Dovale, the ‘soul surgeon’ and specialist at “hacking the human software” helps clients to experience real transformation, exponential growth, sustainability and repeatable profits.


Dr Emmanuel Imevbore

Head, Corporate Development

Dr Emmanuel Imevbore, the CEO of CEED Group is a management consultant and executive/leadership coach. He has in the past 20 years coached several business executives, corporate leaders, business owners and managers in different countries. As a coach, he supports leaders and organisations to discover, and leverage their uniqueness through his powerful “STEP UP” (Strategy, Thought, Energy and Passion) Coaching model. He currently serves as a key executive coach in the GCE leadership coaching programme of Transnet Group, one of Africa’s largest logistics, rail, ports and engineering management organisations. He is similarly engaged as an executive and leadership coach across diverse business sectors in several countries, notably Namibia, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Kenya and Ghana, among others. He has authored several business and coaching books. The most notable include Business Intelligence; Ten Major Problems that Cripple Businesses; Going for Gold; and Turning Talents to Treasures.


Evangelina Nangula Hamunyela

Head, Finance, Financial Planning & Investments

Nangula Hamunyela, the Managing Director of Hela Consult, and Member of Boards of several top organisations is a certified Integral Coach. With diverse professional training in accounting, business studies, and as a banker, Nangula has held executive positions in Development and Commercial Banking institutions such as Nedbank. She has also previously served for several years as the Managing Director of Engen Namibia, the largest supplier of fuel in Namibia. She has distinguished herself as a business leader with a solid track record of delivering result, hence her abiding interest in success coaching. As an executive coach, she is particularly passionate about working with company and business executives that desire to maintain top performance. She is especially experienced in helping these executives to achieve best balance between their professional and private lives. Nangula is Co-Founder and Executive Director of ICMI Namibia.


Tshepiso Maledu

Head, Programmes Development

Tshepiso is a passionate leadership & performance coach who inspires and supports people to achieve their goals and maximize their performance. She aims to build human potential and equip people to discover and pursue their purpose. Her extensive experience as a leadership specialist enables her to effectively coach leaders and managers to enhance their leadership skills and deal with the paradox of leadership and management effectively. She is very determined in coaching managers to conduct performance management conversations that unlock people’s potential and create a high performance culture.  In her Masters thesis, she identified the support managers need to be effective coaches and the benefit of coaching supervision in increasing managers leadership and coaching skills.


Alexander “Alex” Shapaka

Head, Research & Development /Special Projects

Alexander “Alex” Shapaka is the Managing Director of Mello Teck (Pty) Ltd., a management consulting, training and coaching company, with interests in property and finance management. Alex has over 14 years of local and international experience in engineering, mining, business solutions, consulting and project management. He is a consummate entrepreneur and business owner, with great passion for the development of entrepreneurship across Africa. He is especially passionate about supporting young professionals to build enduring careers and also develop entrepreneurial skills. He has thus devoted much time and efforts to coaching and mentoring young aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially in Namibia where he operates. As a trained and certified coach, Alex focuses more on performance coaching, with emphasis on Career, Lifestyle, Business and Financial Coaching. Alex is Co-Founder and Director of ICMI, Namibia.


David Agboola

Head, ICT, Technical Support

David Agboola is the CEO of Wizzy Wealth Service Konsults, an Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) consulting firm. He is also the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Dematech Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a provider of e-commerce, website development and management solutions, as well as IT consulting and training services. As an ICT professional, David has more than 20 years of hands-on practical and technical experience, with particular expertise in database administration and web programming.