Leadership & Supervisory Skills Management Course


This highly specialised management course helps team leaders, managers and supervisors to better understand their roles and responsibilities in the most “response-able manner”, as it provides tools for achieving sustainable organisational goals. The course presents the unique mix of leadership attributes and qualities, which are required to successfully lead people and organisational teams.

The course emphasises the power and influence of creative management and committed leadership in motivating people along a course of action and sustaining the energy of high performance teams. While it focuses on how to establish clear outputs for subordinates, it also explores the skills and behaviours needed for managing self, in overcoming the key challenges faced by most team leaders, manager and supervisors in the workplace and corporate environment.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executive/Senior Managers
  • Human Resources Managers/Practitioners
  • Internal Change Managers
  • Middle/Line Managers
  • Corporate Team Leaders
  • Company Administrators
  • Public Administrators
  • Project Managers/Supervisors
  • Continuous Improvement Specialists,
  • Organisational Development Professionals

Course Highlights

The Course is presented in a practical and easily adaptable manner, by highly qualified and experienced facilitators. The major highlights and contents of the Leadership & Supervisory Skills Management Course are outlined as follows:

  • Principles of Strategic Management
  • Higher Level Performance Management
  • Operational efficiency and consistency in managerial performance.
  • Performance monitoring, standardization and improvement.
  • Rewards, Support and Sanction Strategies
  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • Problem Solving & Decision-Making
  • Essentials of Team Cohesion and High Performance
  • Transformational Leadership and Management Impact
  • Strategies for maximum workflow efficiency and all-round productivity.
  • The Coach-Leadership & Manager-Coach Principles
  • Creating Winning Attitudes and Abilities for Performance Excellence
  • Enabling and Facilitating Transformational Change in the Workplace
  • Successful Utilisation of The Toolkit of High Performing Teams (The 5R’s)
  • Overcoming sabotage: Resilience, Fierce Focus and Swift Action

Course Duration: 2 Days

Special Benefits & Outcomes

  • Exposure to strategies for effective people and resource management, inspirational team leadership and activity management
  • Provision of tools and techniques to get more out of people through inspired actions, rather than coercion.
  • Introduction to the power of coaching, through increased personal awareness, capacity-building and performance enhancement strategies.
  • Ability to operate as an impact leader, as you are empowered to set and achieve goals for self and others, within global corporate goals.
  • The training compels personal transformation experience and presents opportunities for capacity-building as a leader and influencer.

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