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Key Issues in Coaching

Coaching has become an integral part of the human resource function in many businesses, with .people and organisation engaging the services of professional coaches. The goal of coaching interventions in this regard is to facilitate improved performance in specific areas. The coach is therefore able to help align potentials and abilities with desirable goals, opportunities and available resources.

The key concepts and deliverables in coaching are: sustainable development, transformation and performance enhancement. All of these describe the most common scenarios in which a professional coach would normally operate.

The coach in this regard, although qualified to guide the client to make excellent decisions never takes over the decision-making process. In professional coaching, the client is the one with all of the answers and not the coach.

The client is the one that sets and achieves goals, and therefore takes full responsibility and credit for the goal achievement. In the entire process, the coach is there primarily to facilitate a desired change or a specific outcome for the client.

Specifically, the coach would do more of asking relevant and guiding questions that will enable a client to make well informed decisions. He will in this regard reinforce positive personal beliefs, challenge negative thoughts, guide to explore possibilities, and facilitate creative thinking, which lead to taking well informed decisions or actions.


The Six key issues in Coaching

The six key issues in coaching are the following:

    1. Coaching is a professional method of Action-Learning.
    2. Coaching is a collaborative process between coach and client.
    3. Coaching is an outcomes-driven system of growth and development.
    4. Coaching seeks to raise awareness and increase capacity.
    5. Coaching focuses on performance, effectiveness and
    6. Coaching is applicable to individuals, teams and organisations.